Congratulations on taking the firsts steps to creating a website and bringing your vision to the next level!

Did you know that some web developers and agencies may withhold access to your websites hosting?

This is mostly due to Hosting being the "complicated" part of the web process most clients would rather not want to think about, but this can lead to critical and damaging loss of your content.

Masterolive understands that in order to accomplish your vision it requires knowledge and trust! Masterolive takes pride in providing your hosting account, as well as teaching you the importance of ownership and security for all your digital property.

Did you know that approximately 60 of the top recognized hosting brands are all owned by one company?

In short, they aim to quickly and continuously expand to gain profits in the interests of their shareholders! As a result, your site is hosted on unfairly priced, saturated, and over-provisioned servers, causing your page response time to be slow, where it is virtually impossible to know the physical state or health of your server's hardware.

Masterolive is proud to provide clear pricing with no hidden fees or “gotchas”. Our hosting is backed by Veerotech Systems LLC who ensures speed and stability for all customers, where your server will never be overpopulated. Only the highest quality enterprise-class hardware is used and built-in house by verotech technicians. Veerotech is operating debt-free and everything is owned, maintained, and supported in the U.S.